Since 1982, Mean Well has gained an impeccable reputation in Power Supplies across a wide variety of industries based on quality, competitive prices and punctual delivery. As a leading switching power supply manufacture Mean Well has a broad product offering of AC/DC power supplies.  They also have an extended offering of DC/DC Converters and Inverters.

Recognizing the rapidly expanding markets for LED lighting applications, Mean Well has developed a line of AC/DC LED drivers for virtually every fit, form and function. In keeping with Mean Well’s reputation this new line still offers a high quality product at competitive prices.

The PLN series is a low power single output AC/DC LED driver with built in PFC function and all standard products are Class 2 UL certified. This series is available from 20-100 watts with standard output voltages ranging from 12-48 Volts and is ideally suited for LED lighting and moving sign applications.



PLN-60-48 is 60W AC/DC LED driver with a single output of 48v with built-in PFC Function



制造商零件编号: PLN-60-48
提供: BOX

60 W 单组输出 48 V AC/DC LED 电源 带内置PFC功能



Output Power: Type: Input Current: Output Current: Input Voltage: Output Voltage Range:
60 W High Voltage DC > 24V 0.8 A 1.3 A 90 to 295 V 48 V


$33.28 USD (每个)
10+ $33.28



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