The SSSLS-CM005-009 Downlight Cooler has been developed for cooling LED downlight modules and arrays. It is available in 5V DC input with the PWM adjustable airflow. Acoustic settings range from 19 to 30 dBA.



•Cools up to 48W Reliable 100K Hours Lifetime

•Energy Efficient

•5 Yr Warranty

•Small Form Factor

•Quiet Acoustics


Electrical Characteristics:

•Operating Temperature: -40 to 70°C

•Storage Temperature: -50 to 95°C

•Storage Altitude: 15 K

•Operating Relative Humidity: 5-95%

•Weight: 490 gm

•Reliability : 100 K L10 @ 60°C

•Regulatory Compliance: RoHS, UL, FCC Part 15 Class


Compatible Nuventix Heat Sinks and Applications:


48W Heat Sinks (140mm Diameter)

•HSSLS-CALCL-008 – Philips Fortimo LED DLM, LEXEL DLM

•HSSLS-CALCL-012 – Philips Fortimo LED DLM, Fortimo LED Twistable DLM, Zhaga B2 Standard

•HSSLS-CALCL-013 – Bridgelux RS Array

•HSSLS-CALBL-003 – Philips Fortimo LED DLM, LEXEL DLM

•HSSLS-CALBL-013 – Osram PrevaLED


40W Heat Sinks (120mm Diameter)

•HSSLS-CALBL-005 – Philips Fortimo LED DLM, LEXEL DLM


All Nuventix SynJets require a wire harness connector:

•150mm Length: WALLS-C4150-001

•600mm Length: WALLS-C4600-001

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Mfr Part#: SSSLS-CM005-009
Available In: BOX

SSSLS Series SynJet Ø 103.9 x 41.4 mm ZFlow 100 PWM 5 V Black Cooler


Technical Specifications:

Type: Bearing Type: Noise: Voltage Rating: Dimension:
Cross Flow N/A 22 dBA 5 V Ø 103.9 x 41.4 mm
See the Download Center for a complete library of supporting documentation.


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